Contest Finalists Announced

Congratulations to all the finalists in the Cole’s Summer Photo Contest. Each season, Cole’s Wild Bird Products will have a similar photo contest. The entrants whose photos were selected for top honors are listed below:

Jack McDonald of Marietta, GA

Julie Strommen of Canton, GA

Dawn Fountain of Dacula, GA

Jane Walker of Carrollton, GA

Jennifer Williams of Marietta, GA

“We had some really fun, imaginative, and creative photos, and I couldn’t be happier  with the quality of the entries”, said Elaine Cole, of Cole’s Wild Bird Products.

Several of the entrants in the contest had more than one photograph that made it to the finals. “It was really nice to see how people are using Cole’s to feed the birds and critters. We had a lot of photos of squirrels and chipmunks in addition to the many beautiful shots of birds,” said Cole.

Facebook fans can now “like” the entries to help determine the winner.  “These types of contests are really part of an overall plan to help us connect and engage with our customers. We really enjoy the feedback we get on Facebook as well as the forum on our new web site,” said Cole.

Cole’s Wild Bird Products is a family-owned company that distributes wild bird feed and suet products. The company is known for offering the highest quality products on the market. Cole’s also specializes in “hot” products designed to keep squirrels from taking over the bird feeder and eating all the seed. Cole’s started in the garage of mom and pop entrepreneurs Richard and Nancy Cole back in the early 1980’s. Today it distributes to retailers nationwide. Cole’s is located in the metro Atlanta area. For more information, visit


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