Want To Attract More Goldfinches

Goldfinches are known for their vibrant yellow color and their playful personalities. The
male goldfinch is quite noticeable with his bright yellow feathers and black accents.
Perhaps that’s the reason so many of us enjoy seeing them in the back yard. The
easiest way to attract them is to feed them what they love. Goldfinches have a little
different appetite from most birds. Instead of eating worms and insects, they eat seeds
almost exclusively. Goldfinches love niger seed. Niger is imported and closely
resembles the seed of American thistle plants which goldfinches eat and use in their
Did you know goldfinches can literally eat upside down if they need to? A tube feeder
for niger seed or a nylon seed sock makes it easy for goldfinches to eat upright or
upside down. Goldfinches also love to eat sunflower seeds or sunflower meats.
Here are some products to keep in mind when you really want to attract goldfinches.
Cole’s Niger Seed is a favorite for attracting goldfinches. Niger should be dispensed in
a special feeder designed specifically for this tiny seed. Find out more at:
Finch Friends™ from Cole’s is another great product. It’s a mix of everything finches
love – sunflower, niger, and canary seeds. You don’t need a special niger feeder for
Finch Friends™. Not only does this feed attract goldfinches, you’ll also attract Purple
finches and Pine siskins. For more information, visit:
Another great product for attracting goldfinches is Cole’s Sunflower Meats. Sunflower Meats is the only true no waste, no mess feed available. This is pure sunflower and the birds’ number one choice. With almost no shell, you get more feed per pound and no messy hulls to clean up. It’s perfect if you want to feed from balconies and decks without the mess of leftover shells.You can find more on this product at:
No matter what type of bird you’d like to attract, Cole’s has many products designed to help you.

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