Making Your Yard Safer for Birds: Avoid Collisions

Could the reflective glass on your windows be a potential killer? It can. It seems hard to believe, but according to, approximately one billion birds die each year in the United States because of collisions with windows. Reflective glass has a mirror effect. A bird sees what looks like an escape route or a safe zone and flies straight into the glass. Because of the bird’s speed and force, the impact can cause sudden death. But, even if the collision doesn’t immediately kill the bird, it can cause internal injuries or stun the bird so that it becomes easy prey.

What Can You Do To Prevent Collisions?

Keep the feeder at least 30 feet from your windows. Birds are more likely to recognize the reflected image as part of the house. Also, try using drapes. White or light colored shades or blinds can also help. They reduce the reflection of the glass. Bug screens as well as tint on the windows can also help. Bird netting and decals may also cut down on collisions.


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