A Mid Air Snack

These beautiful photos are the work of Doug Oster, an Emmy Award winning journalist. He is the Backyard Gardener for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and he is co-host and producer of The Organic Gardeners Radio show which airs every Sunday morning on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh. Doug also does television segments about gardening for Pittsburgh television stations. Cole’s is thrilled to feature Doug’s amazing photos of birds enjoying Cole’s Suet Pearls. Doug uses Cole’s bird seed in many of his media segments. To see more details on these photos, visit Doug’s blog at http://blogs.post-gazette.com/living/gardening-with-doug/37033-my-friend-the-red-bellied-woodpeck-and-lots-of-photos-of-other-birds

Red Belly spread for Joan

Best Red Belly jet fighter for joan

titmouse take off good for joan

titmouse take off good for joan

junco1 for joan

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