Cole’s Creativity Contest Winner Announced


Congratulations goes to Deb Stallings of Parkersburg, Illinois for winning the Cole’s Creativity Contest! Deb sent us this creative entry. She told us she broke a favorite butter dish. So, instead of throwing it out, she turned it upside down and created a bird feeder.

Elaine Cole of Cole’s Wild Bird Products says she admired the simplicity of the idea as well as the aesthetics of it. She said,  “I love the idea of recycling the products you already have and using them as bird feeders. Another entry we had involved recycling. It was a Christmas wreath turned into a bird feeder. Using items you might otherwise throw away is good for the environment and good for the birds.”

Elaine was impressed with the quality of entries as well. “All of our entries showed a great deal of creativity. I am always so impressed by the talents of our customers. And, I am very appreciative to everyone who sent in their creative idea, thank you”, she said.

This is one of several contests planned for 2013 to give Cole’s customers a chance to showcase their love for our little feathered friends. Cole’s also wants to help customers connect with other wild bird enthusiasts for great ideas and inspiration.

Cole’s is on Facebook as well and invites customers to “like” the Cole’s page and  join in the fun. It’s a great community for sharing and enjoying our hobby.

Deb Stallings will win a Cole’s prize package of suet products worth more than $60.

The prize package includes:

Hot Meats Suet
Special Feeder Suet
Natural Peanut Suet
Blue Ribbon Blend Suet
Suet Nuts
Suet Pearls
Suet Kibbles
Dried Mealworms
Nutberry Suet Blend

Please join Cole’s in congratulating Deb on our Facebook page at:

Cole’s Wild Bird Products is a family-owned company that distributes wild bird feed and suet products. The company is known for offering the highest quality products on the market. Cole’s also specializes in chili infused seed products designed to keep your feeder a birds only “hot” spot.  Cole’s started in the garage of mom and pop entrepreneurs Richard and Nancy Cole back in the early 1980’s. Today it distributes to retailers nationwide. Cole’s is located in the metro Atlanta area.



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