Cole’s Winter Bird Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Cole’s Winter Bird Photo Contest.

Winning Photo

Winning Photo
















Debbie Kostolansky won the contest with this photo of a male cardinal in the snow.

The contest starts March 13 and runs through March 31st. Just fill out the Cole’s entry form. Please no stock photography, just original photos. Be sure to include a photo of yourself along with your entry. That way we can promote you, as well as your photo, if your entry makes it to the Top Ten. We would like you to send us a photo of yourself in the same setting as your entry photo. We’ll name the Top Ten by April 5th. Then, we’ll let you, our Cole’s customers, choose the winner with votes or “likes” for the photos on our Facebook page. Cole’s will announce the winner on April 12th. The winner of the Cole’s Winter Photo Contest will win a prize including all of the following products:

One Hot Meats™, 5lbs
One Blazing Hot Blend™, 5lbs
One Cajun Blend™, 5lbs
One Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce™ 16 oz
Two Hot Meats™ Suet Cakes

This Hot Meats package contains everything you need to feed the birds and not the squirrels.


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