Winner Named in Cole’s Winter Bird Photo Contest

Winning Photo

Winning Photo


Cole’s Wild Bird Products congratulates the winner of the 2013 Cole’s Winter Bird Photo Contest. Debbie Kostolansky of Orland Park, Illinois, won top honors with her striking photo of a beautiful bright red male cardinal in the snow.“I snapped that photo of him when he was right outside my window,” Debbie said. She went on to explain that her other entry photo, which also made it to the finals, is that of a female cardinal, and the two of them are mates. “I see him feed her, and she usually shows up soon after he does at the feeder,” Debbie said.

Debbie is an amateur photographer and a birder. So, she gets a chance to combine her favorite hobbies when taking photos of birds. She enjoys feeding her feathered friends Cole’s suet products as well as sunflower seeds and safflower seeds during the winter. “I know they need the extra energy when it’s cold,” Debbie said.

Elaine Cole of Cole’s Wild Bird Products is thrilled with Debbie’s photos, which feature the birds eating. “You can actually see the food in their beaks. We love to see all the photos of birds in the winter, but seeing a bright red cardinal in the snow is always impressive,” Elaine said. She went on to say how pleased she was with all the entries.

“All of the finalist photos are just beautiful. I am so grateful that our Cole’s customers take the time to capture such great photos and then share them with the entire Cole’s community on the Facebook page. It’s fun to see all the positive comments, and I was just so delighted with the quality of the entrants. Congratulations to Debbie and to all the finalists,” Elaine said.

Finalists in the contest include Dawn Turner of Alexandria, Ohio who had two beautiful, professional quality photos of birds in the snow. Deborah Stallings of Parkersburg, Illinois whose photo showed a bird upside down with its head in a bag of Cole’s Suet Pearls, a definite favorite at Cole’s headquarters. And, Sharon Cruser of Canton, Georgia who had a cute photo of a male blue bird inside a feeder.

“Thank you to everyone who submitted photos and to our fans who stopped by to “like” the photos and to comment. It’s always fun to see our customers interact with us and with each other. We plan to have many other contests in the future,” said Elaine Cole.

Debbie Kostolansky  Winner of the Cole's Winter Bird Photo Contest

Debbie Kostolansky
Winner of the Cole’s Winter Bird Photo Contest

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