2014 Cole’s Winter Bird Photo Contest Winner Announced


Winning Photo

Congratulations to Kathi Kilcullen. Her beautiful photograph of a bluebird in the snow won the 2014 Cole’s Winter Bird Photo Contest. More than one hundred people “liked” the photo on the Cole’s Facebook page.

The photo shows a close up of a bright male bluebird standing in the snow against the backdrop of a blue sky. Many Facebook fans commented about the vivid colors, and some wanted to know how she got such a close up shot.

Kathi says, “my bluebirds come right up to me on my patio. I didn’t have to use a professional lens, just a Minolta camera with a regular lens.”

Kathi says her bluebirds have become so familiar with her that they sometimes peck on the glass to let her know they’re hungry. During the snow and ice in Atlanta, Kathi’s birds have kept her busy.

She’s been putting out a steady supply of mealworms and suet.  After finding out she won the contest, Kathi shared a few more photos of her bluebird buddies.



Kathi’s bluebirds



Kathi’s photo was among dozens of photos people sent in for the contest. Elaine Cole of Cole’s Wild Bird Products Company selected the top ten photographs. Then, Facebook fans determined the winner by “voting” or “liking” the post.






Other Top Ten Finalists Include:

Top Ten Finalists

Top Ten Finalists

Theresa McKamey’s photo of a cardinal and a chickadee on a feeder

Deborah Stallings photo of a Goldfinch

Beth Willis’ photo of a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

Trisha Mitchell’s photo of a female cardinal

Deborah Stallings photo of a titmouse

Angie Jenkins photo of a mockingbird

Aaron Hightower’s photo of a cardinal and a Downy Woodpecker

Maggie Van Zandt’s photo of a Mourning Dove

Debbie Kostolansky’s photo of a cardinal in the snow



Elaine Cole of Cole’s Wild Bird Products said, “I really appreciate everyone taking the time to enter the contest. This was really fun. We had some stunning, professional quality photos, and selecting just ten of them was a challenge. My congratulations goes out to Kathi and to all the finalists.”

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