Cole’s Winners React

First Place Winner Sharon Turner

First Place Winner
Sharon Turner


The winners of our 2015 Cole’s Seasonal Bird Photo were thrilled to hear the news. Sharon Turner, the first and second place winner said, “That just made my day when I heard that I had won. It brings me such joy to photograph anything in nature.”

Sharon spends time enjoying nature with her camera by her side. She’s been birding for years, and ever since she discovered Cole’s Wild Bird Products, she’s been a true believer. “Cole’s is all I use. They are the only product I would use.  I love Cole’s”, Sharon said.


Photo by Sharon Turner

Sharon entered dozens of photos. Many of them were taken during the winter and show birds enduring the cold, ice, and snow in the metro Atlanta area. Her photo of two American Goldfinches on a snowy day took first place. Sharon said she really liked that one as well as another photo she took of one American Goldfinch on the same day.


Second Place
Sharon Turner

Sharon’s photo of a cold Eastern Bluebird on a sunny day took second place. Sharon is thrilled that she’ll get a prize package worth almost $75 from Cole’s. “That was such great news on an otherwise difficult day. Thank you”, Sharon said.

Third Place Jane Walker

Third Place
Jane Walker

Jane Walker, who took first prize in an earlier Cole’s Photo Contest, was pleased to hear one of our entries won a prize. Her photo of several American Goldfinches gathering on a couple of feeders took third place. “I have 35 feeders in my yard. I love to watch the birds, and I’m so happy to hear that one of my photos placed in the contest”, Jane said.

Jane and Sharon also had photos that were chosen for Honorable Mentions. Beth Willis and Maggie Van Zandt had Honorable Mention photos as well. All of the winners seemed to be impressed with the quality of the winning pictures. Beth Willis said,  “Wow, there are some amazing photos on the page!” Jane remarked on Sharon’s first place photo, “It’s just magical.”

Elaine Cole enjoys the chance to share these photographs with the birding community. “We love doing these contests because it’s a fun way for us and our customers to share and enjoy our love of all things birding and nature. I just want to congratulate all the winners and to thank everyone who participated”, Elaine said.




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