We Have A Winner!

First Place Winner Sharon Turner

First Place Winner
Sharon Turner

The Cole’s 2015 Seasonal Bird Photo Contest has been a fabulous one. Elaine Cole, President of Cole’s Wild Bird Products, had a very tough time selecting the best shots. “We are so happy with all the great photos. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit your photo. We narrowed it down to about a dozen photos and then asked for input from several associates. I apologize for how long it took to select the winners. But, it was just such a tough decision”, Elaine said.

Second Place Sharon Turner

Second Place
Sharon Turner

Sharon Turner, who submitted photos just after the deadline for the 2014 Winter Bird Photo Contest didn’t miss the chance to enter this one. She sent several high quality photos depicting birds in various seasons. Sharon took both first and second place. Her first place photo of two American Goldfinches on a snowy, cold day won first place. Her photo of a brightly colored Eastern Bluebird on a sunny day took second place.

Third Place Jane Walker

Third Place
Jane Walker

Jane Walker, who won first place in an earlier Cole’s photo contest, submitted several beautiful entries. Her photo of goldfinches gathering in all sorts of positions to feast from colorful feeders took third place.

“There were just so many great pictures, that I decided we had to name some of them as Honorable Mentions. You can expect to see those photos posted on our Cole’s Facebook site next week. We are just so very thrilled to have such beautiful photos to choose from for our upcoming 2016 Cole’s Seasonal Bird Calendar”, said Elaine.

Sharon Turner’s first prize photo will be used in the 2016 calendar. Cole’s will be selecting from photos submitted over the years in various contests as well as some taken by the Cole family to fill out the rest of the calendar. “The goal of the new calendar is to share our many beautiful photos of birds and to depict the seasons as only birds can do”, said Elaine.

Watch for more updates on the Cole’s calendar and more postings of our Honorable Mentions, coming soon to Cole’s Facebook.

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