Where Can I Find Cole’s Products?

People always want to know where they can find Cole’s products. We are very proud to say you can find them exclusively in small stores. Richard Cole, the founder of Cole’s Wild Bird Products, sheds some light on why Cole’s will always “stay small”.

Below is a transcript of Richard’s video.

Cole’s products are available in a lot of places fortunately. I can also tell you where it’s not available. It’s not available in the large mass merchant discounters. The reason being is to play that game – stack ‘em high and let ‘em fly, you have to make a cheaper product.

We’re not going to make a cheaper product because then it would not do what you want it

to do. It has to be a quality product because that’s what we want. So we won’t play the discount game. But it is available in the a lotto the hardware stores around the

country,  Ace Hardware, True value stores, a lot of independent stores around

the country carry it. A lot of little wild bird stores carry it.

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