Bountiful Bowl FeederTM

Want to feed the birds without worrying about what seed goes in what feeder? Then the Bountiful Bowl™ feeder is for you! Its compact, adjustable size lets you offer a wide variety of tasty meals for your feathered friends without a lot of work. It comes with an adjustable dome cover that can be raised … Continue reading Bountiful Bowl FeederTM

Bountiful Bowl

Assembly Instructions for the Bountiful Bowl: Thread the hanging rod down through the brass bushing located in the center of the dome. Slide the rod stop up onto the hanging rod. Tighten into place. Adjust the rod stop so the distance between the base of the dome and the top of the bowl is between … Continue reading Bountiful Bowl

Special FeederTM

Special Feeder™ has all of the good stuff. This unique mix is a high-energy treat for many birds. Originally developed for use in pavilion-like, wooden feeders that prevent smaller seeds from being kicked out for ground feeders, Special Feeder™ soon became a customer favorite for every type of feeder. Now it’s our most popular blend … Continue reading Special FeederTM

Just Getting Started

  Basic Needs for the Beginner Wooing beautiful backyard birds to your outdoor environment is as simple as offering them a reliable, high-quality food source, clean fresh water, and cozy places to shelter. Birds, like most wild animals, are survivalists and they’ll take advantage of anything that makes their lives easier – whether it’s in … Continue reading Just Getting Started