Raw Peanuts

Higher in essential fat and protein than peanut hearts and pieces, Raw Peanuts are a great attraction for wild birds and friendly critters alike. Works well in all feeder types including Cole’s Terrific Tube™, Mighty Mesh™, and Bountiful Bowl™. Available in 5, 10, 20 pound sizes

Just Getting Started

  Basic Needs for the Beginner Wooing beautiful backyard birds to your outdoor environment is as simple as offering them a reliable, high-quality food source, clean fresh water, and cozy places to shelter. Birds, like most wild animals, are survivalists and they’ll take advantage of anything that makes their lives easier – whether it’s in … Continue reading Just Getting Started

Special FeederTM Suet Cake

Chock full of pecans and peanuts, it’s a shoe-in to be your woodpecker’s favorite suet. It is best served during the cooler months of fall and winter. 11 oz.

Critter MunchiesTM

When we created Critter Munchies™ years ago there was nothing else like it. Today it’s still the ideal mix for people who like to feed nature’s little critters – or just distract them from the bird feeder! Works well in a platform feeder or scattered on the ground. Available in 5, 10, and 20 pound … Continue reading Critter MunchiesTM