Terrific Tube FeederTM

A great all purpose, versatile feeder for sunflower, blended seeds, and Suet Kibbles™. The Terrific Tube Feeder™ comes with natural grip perch covers that mimic the feel of a real branch and encourage longer feeding times. It is the perfect feeder for beginners and experts alike. You can’t go wrong with this one! Available in … Continue reading Terrific Tube FeederTM

Special FeederTM

Special Feeder™ has all of the good stuff. This unique mix is a high-energy treat for many birds. Originally developed for use in pavilion-like, wooden feeders that prevent smaller seeds from being kicked out for ground feeders, Special Feeder™ soon became a customer favorite for every type of feeder. Now it’s our most popular blend … Continue reading Special FeederTM

Just Getting Started

  Basic Needs for the Beginner Wooing beautiful backyard birds to your outdoor environment is as simple as offering them a reliable, high-quality food source, clean fresh water, and cozy places to shelter. Birds, like most wild animals, are survivalists and they’ll take advantage of anything that makes their lives easier – whether it’s in … Continue reading Just Getting Started