What Makes Cole’s Different From Other Brands?

If you have had the pleasure of using Cole’s, you already know the difference. Cole’s simply attracts the most birds because it’s the highest quality birdseed on the market. The reason Cole’s is so different is because of how the company started. It didn’t begin as a company focused on making big profits. Cole’s started out of a genuine love for birds and a desire to attract more of them.

Richard and Nancy Cole started the company after Richard created his own birdseed. He researched what birds like to eat the most. He combined the best seeds and nuts in order to bring lots of birds to his feeders. His family, friends and neighbors started requesting his blends of birdseed. That passion continues today. Cole’s is not focused on becoming the largest birdseed company with the most profits. Click on the video and hear more from Richard.

Birds Keep The Bugs At Bay

During the summer, it’s important to know that birds are eating tons of bugs. They’re feeding their young lots of tasty caterpillars, moths, and more. So, if you want to keep these natural insecticides around your home, please don’t use chemical insecticides. Richard Cole, the founder of Cole’s Wild Bird Products, has some insight about how birds help you keep the bugs at bay.

Why Are Hummingbirds So Territorial?

Have you ever gone out to your hummingbird feeders and noticed one bird trying to dominate every feeder? Hummers are fiercely competitive when it comes to protecting a good food source. Richard Cole, the founder of Cole’s Wild Bird Products, explains why some hummingbirds seem to be so territorial yet others seem content to share the feeder.

What Are The Benefits of Feeding Birds?

Have you ever thought about the benefits of feeding wild birds? Most of us who feed them already know that there’s just a simple and relaxing joy to watching the birds come to the feeders and interact. You learn a little about nature and the nature of your feathered friends.

Richard Cole, the founder of Cole’s Wild Bird Products, discovered his love for feeding wild birds decades ago. In this video, he talks about what he loves about it and what others get from it.

How Often Should I Clean My Bird Feeders?

Cole's Bird feeders


Many of us wonder just how often we need to clean our feeders. The answer is “more often than we’d like”, according to Richard Cole, the founder of Cole’s Wild Bird Products. Richard gives you insight and tips about cleaning your bird feeders and lets you know why it’s so important to make cleaning a part of your bird feeding routine. Enjoy the video and please share on your social networks so all of us can keep the birds safe and healthy.

If you are in the market for a new bird feeder, Cole’s has you covered. We sell several types of easy to clean feeders.

Cole’s Bird Feeders

Cole’s Wild Bird Products is a family-run business that packages its own top quality line of wild bird feed, feeders, and suet products. Cole’s specializes in chile infused seed products designed to make your feeder a birds only “hot” spot. Cole’s was born in the garage of “mom and pop” entrepreneurs, Richard and Nancy Cole, back in the early 1980’s and today it distributes to retailers nationwide. Cole’s is located in the metro Atlanta area.


Where Can I Find Cole’s Products?

People always want to know where they can find Cole’s products. We are very proud to say you can find them exclusively in small stores. Richard Cole, the founder of Cole’s Wild Bird Products, sheds some light on why Cole’s will always “stay small”.

Below is a transcript of Richard’s video.

Cole’s products are available in a lot of places fortunately. I can also tell you where it’s not available. It’s not available in the large mass merchant discounters. The reason being is to play that game – stack ‘em high and let ‘em fly, you have to make a cheaper product.

We’re not going to make a cheaper product because then it would not do what you want it

to do. It has to be a quality product because that’s what we want. So we won’t play the discount game. But it is available in the a lotto the hardware stores around the

country,  Ace Hardware, True value stores, a lot of independent stores around

the country carry it. A lot of little wild bird stores carry it.

Does Feeding Wild Birds Make Them Too Dependent on People?

Have you ever heard that if you feed wild birds too much or too often, they could become lazy and unable to find their own food? You can relax. Richard Cole, the founder of Cole’s Wild Bird Products, answers that question in the video below. If you don’t have time to listen, we’ve included a transcript from his interview.

“Oh you hear that a lot. Don’t you that the bird will sit around eat and become lazy and then they won’t know how to forage for themselves. It’ simply not true. They’re not human. They don’t have the human tendency to do that. It’s not going to happen that way. They eat what they need. That means they’ll forage around for food in the wild. They’ll  also come to your feeders and pick up what they need. They’re not going to overeat. If they we’re going to overeat, you would see overweight birds unable to fly. That’s not gonna happen. It’s not the way they work. They eat what they need. Put out the food and enjoy watching the birds. They’ll be ok,” said Richard Cole, the founder of Cole’s Wild Bird Products.

The Cole’s Family Story

The Cole’s story is really about dreams coming true. Richard and Nancy Cole started out of their garage with little more than an incredible passion to feed birds the very best quality bird seed. Click the link below to learn how they grew the company into a national brand with a reputation for excellence.

Cole’s Story

Cole’s believes that birds are like people, give them what they like to eat and they’ll come back and bring their friends. After all, if you just want birdseed, buy any brand – if you really want birds, buy Cole’s.

Cole's Wild Bird Tube Feeder


Birdfeeder Basics

Cole's Bird feeders

Bring on backyard birds with the right feeders.

When you dine, do you prefer clean and attractive tableware? Does ambiance enhance your enjoyment of your food? Birds feel the same way about their dining habits – the type and cleanliness of your bird feeders directly affects the number and species of birds that will visit your backyard this season.

To attract birds, you need to understand not only what they prefer to eat, but how they like to eat it. For example, while many species prefer seed, some birds like to eat their seed from elevated platforms, others prefer hanging feeders and still others are content to forage on the ground. All birds appreciate a clean feeder to prevent the spread of disease, and none of them like those pesky, seed-stealing squirrels any more than you do.

The bird experts at Cole’s Wild Bird Products offer some guidance for choosing the right feeder styles to attract the maximum number of feathered friends to your yard:

* Keep it clean – Everyone knows you should clean your feeders regularly to prevent disease, but many feeders are a pain to disassemble, clean and reassemble. Many people keep feeders less than pristine because of the hassle of cleaning. Look for feeders that make the process easy. All Cole’s tube feeders have a Quick Clean feature that allows you to remove the bottom of the feeder with the push of a button for easy cleaning access– no need to completely disassemble the feeders to clean them.

Cole's Wild Bird Tube Feeder

* Tube feeders are terrific – For versatility and wide appeal, it’s hard to beat a tube style feeder. These workhorses of the feeder world can handle seeds both large and small – from sunflowers to petite mixes. Tube feeders make great all-purpose feeders or excellent starter feeders for people just beginning backyard birding. Most songbirds will happily dine at a tube feeder.

Niger feeder

* Some seeds are special – Niger is a favorite seed type for finches, siskins and several other appealing species, but not all tube feeders can handle this oily seed. If you’ll be serving niger, consider a specialty feeder like the Nifty Niger Feeder. The feeder dispenses the seed through special, tiny holes to limit the amount of waste.

*Cater to the clingy – Some birds, such as chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers and bluebirds, like to cling to the feeder. For these birds, a mesh feeder can be just what the diner ordered. Mesh feeders satisfy a bird’s desire to cling while also keeping larger birds from hogging the feeder. The Mighty Mesh Feeder is great for serving Nutberry Suet, Suet Kibbles, Suet Pearls, raw peanuts and any sunflower-based seed blend.

Mesh feeder

* The beauty of bowl feeders – Bowl feeders are another versatile style, and are great for serving not only seeds and seed blends, but also dried mealworms, fruit and suet in either kibble or pearl forms. The Bountiful Bowl Feeder comes with an adjustable dome cover that you can raise or lower to prevent larger birds and squirrels from getting to the food – and it also helps protect feed from rain.

Hummingbird feeder

* Hummingbird feeders are something to sing about – Hummingbirds are endlessly fascinating to watch, but you have to be quick to catch a look at them. Your best opportunity is when they’re eating, and a hummingbird feeder can help extend your viewing time. The Hummer High Rise feeder gives hummers a penthouse-view with elevated perches and keeps ants out of the nectar with a special built-in ant moat.

* Those darn squirrels – As much as you enjoy watching their antics, you probably don’t want squirrels on your bird feeder. These persistent bandits can wipe out a seed supply in minutes and damage even the best-made birdfeeders. One way to keep squirrels away from all your feeders is to install a Tough Bird Feeder Guard from Cole’s on your existing feeder poles. The simple device uses static pulse to train squirrels not to climb on feeder poles. Use your favorite feeders on your own shepherd staff or pipe-style poles and add the Tough Bird Feeder Guard to keep squirrels away. Only the tube portion of the guard is charged, so the pole and birdfeeder are safe to touch for humans and birds alike.

For more info on birdfeed blends and where to buy visit www.coleswildbird.com

Greed Got The Best Of Them!

Stop Thief!

Stop Thief!


We’ve all heard of birds, such as crows collecting coins. But, this story surprised even our veteran bird experts. A popular story has been circulating on the web about a car wash where birds were doing more business that customers. As it turns out the original email was a bit embellished, but according to Snopes.com the main story is true.

Mail Attachment-2

Bill Dougherty, of Magic Wand Inc., installs and maintains the machines used at coin operated facilities. After installing one in Fredericksburg, Virginia, he discovered the car wash machine kept coming up short. He didn’t want to believe his trusted employees were stealing, but the machines could only be accessed by keys. So, he set up a surveillance camera and caught the thieves in the act.


Mail Attachment-3

As it turns out, his employees were innocent. The suspects were European Starlings. You can see the birds had to actually get inside the machines. They worked in tandem with one going in and the other grabbing the coins and taking off. The original email reported that the surveillance mission paid off when $4,000 in stolen coins was found on the roof. Turns out that part is a bit of an exaggeration. The car wash operator never found a big stash, but he did say that it was quite common to find a few hundred quarters on the ground some mornings.

Mail Attachment

Upon seeing the story, Elaine Cole,  of Cole’s Wild Bird Products said she had never heard of anything like it, though she knew certain species of birds like crows are attracted to shiny objects. She advises “keep your quarters out of sight lest you be robbed at beak point by that notorious Starling gang!” Richard Cole, the founder of Cole’s Wild Bird Products remarked, “wouldn’t it be great if we could ask them why?
If you have any questions for the experts here at Cole’s, please contact us directly. Your quickest response will be from our Contact Us form. We are happy to help.