Until recently we had been using regular store bought bird seed in our feeder and very few birds were feeding there. A few days after we put Cole’s Blue Ribbon Blend in the feeder there were so many birds we needed an air traffic controller!

Dianne and Art Damiano
Marietta, GA


My wife and I recently got a bird feeder and a bag of your Blue Ribbon Blend seed. We soon enjoyed a large number and variety of birds in our backyard. When that bag ran out, I unfortunately tried to save some money and bought some seed from one of the grass seed companies. We soon saw a large drop in number and variety of our feathered friends. We went and got another bag of Blue Ribbon today!!!

Chris Fielding
Dallas, GA


After an infestation of flying squirrels in my attic I stopped bird feeding because I no longer wanted to attract them to my yard. Then I heard of your “hot” products. I just purchased several of these and look forward to feeding and enjoying the birds again!

Alberta Geyer
Merrimack, NH


After losing an entire bird feeder full of seed to the squirrels, I bought a bag of the Blazing Hot Blend and accompanying suet. Within a few days, I saw every bird you said I would: bluebirds, titmice, cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees and some others I cannot identify. The squirrels are slowly learning their lesson. One taste and they leave. I read it may take time for all the squirrels to go away. In the meantime, my backyard has turned into a bird sanctuary!

Tim D.
Alpharetta, GA


I love Cole’s Hot Meats, Blazing Blend and White Millet. I get more of a variety of birds by using their brand, and I like it because it keeps the squirrels away. It is worth the money because you don’t have to use as much because the squirrels are not eating it. I also like purchasing the Cole’s brand because it is manufactured in my hometown and it’s made in the USA. Thanks you Cole’s for such quality work.

Donna Stuart
Dallas, GA


My backyard bluebirds bring their babies to my Hot Meats feeders. The little, spotty, uncertain babies hold tight to the shepherd’s crook above the feeder, while the parent, generally Dad hops down, gathers seed, and feeds the young fledglings. The parents and babies will do this for 2-3 days, then the parents will hop down on the feeder and wait for the babies to learn to jump down and feed themselves. It is my favorite bird watching activity!

Margaret Watkins
Tucker, GA


We have been purchasing Cole’s bird seed mixes for a goodly number of years. We started a few years ago using only the Special Feeder mix. We had been told that larger woodpeckers would not come to small feeders and that bluebirds would not come either. Wrong on both counts. We have such a riot of color some days it is truly amazing and we use smaller feeders which hang off our deck rail as well as larger ones in the yard. When the feeders run out, the bird sit out there singing away for their supper – in other words – fill the feeders please. We have been happy with Cole’s and will pay the premium price because the product is simply the best. With Special Feeder mix we have very little mess on the ground and our birds are happy. Way to go Cole’s!

Harriette Majoros
Marietta, GA


I love Cole’s Bird Seed! I decided that I would try the “Blue Ribbon Blend” to satisfy my titmice and chickadees. Come to find out, not only did my titmice and chickadees love it, but also my red-bellied woodpecker who only comes to my feeder when it is filled with this seed! Thank you, Cole’s, from me and my birdy friends!

Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina



I just bought my first bag of your seed at Whole Foods. I purchased the Hot Meats. I just put it in one of my feeders and it is now covered with birds. I have two other feeders and they obviously prefer the Hot Meats. I am enjoying watching them. As soon as another feeder empties I will try a bag of your Nutberry Suet Blend. I’m sure I’ll have the same result. Thank you

Bryn Mawr, PA


I buy Critter Munchies and I love the drawing on the bag…it calls attention to their needs!

Barbara Metzler
New Jersey