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Editors’ Choice: Cole’s Wild Bird Feed

Here at Birds & Blooms, we are very careful about recommending or endorsing products. If we’re going to promote something, we want to make sure that we’ve tested it and that we love it. With that said, I’m proud to share with you our new Editors’ Choice program, along with the first brand to earn these top honors. Cole’s Wild Bird Feed is a family-owned company that started with quality seed mixes. Soon, they expanded to include suet, feeders and even a new hummingbird feeder that just hit the market this spring.


Goldfinch eating Cole’s Nutberry Suet

Feed The Birds In Your Summer Garden

Wild backyard birds live demanding lives. During the warm months of the year, they perform a variety of tasks critical to their survival, all while recovering from the fatigue and stress of their long migration north. “Birds are constantly on the move,” says Elaine Cole, president and owner of Cole’s Wild Bird Products Co.


A tube feeder is always a popular attraction for smaller birds, including this flock of female American goldfinches.

Summer Bird-Feeding Tips: Keep Seeds Away From Squirrels

Summer is a great time to enjoy the diversity of birds in your area by revving up your bird feeding station. Not only will the resident birds comes calling, but you will also attract a varied flock of young birds once they fledge as well as neotropical migrants that are nowhere to be seen in fall or winter. The wild bird experts at Cole’s Wild Bird Products Co. offer up essential summertime feeding tips when natural seed supplies are at their lowest.

The Best And The Brightest: How To Attract Beautiful, Colorful Birds To Your Backyard

By Coles Wild Bird Products Photos Courtesy of Coles Wild Bird Products img171 The bird-feeding experts at Cole’s Wild Bird Products offer some expert tips on common colorful birds found throughout North America and the types of bird feed they prefer:

Sparrows to doves, mockingbirds to magpies, every bird that visits your backyard this season will bring its unique brand of delight. Yet when a particularly colorful species shows up, you can’t help but feel a special thrill at the beauty of their plumage and song. You can take steps to draw the most colorful species to your feeder and fill your backyard with their vibrant, bright displays throughout the season. First, research what types of birds live in your region. Some species may summer in your area and then winter elsewhere. Some may arrive in spring to breed and raise young, only to move on as fall approaches. Online resources such as the Audubon Society’s bird guide can help you identify the colorful species that may be found in your area this summer. Next, take action to make your backyard attractive to the birds you want to attract. Provide their preferred nesting habitat, plenty of fresh, clean water and a reliable supply of their favorite foods in a style feeder they favor.