Mighty Mesh Feeder™

Mighty Mesh Feeder

This powerhouse of a feeder does it all! Specifically designed for fun-loving clinging birds like chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, warblers, finches, bluebirds, etc.; it prevents larger birds that can’t cling from hogging the feeder. Works well with most Cole’s seed products like Special Feeder, Hot Meats, Nutberry Suet Blend, Suet Kibbles, Suet Pearls, Raw Peanuts, or any sunflower-based seed blend. The all around versatility of the Mighty Mesh Feeder makes it the must-have feeder for every level of back yard bird watcher.

Nifty Niger Feeder™

Nifty Niger and BirdsThis unique feeder has one purpose and one purpose only – to provide a specific group of wild birds a separate feeder to enjoy the highly valued, highly nutritious, little oily seed known collectively as Niger seed, NyjerTM, and Guizotia abysinnica. The Nifty Niger Feeder dispenses Niger Seed through special tiny holes designed to limit waste. It provides colorful Goldfinches and Pine Siskins an exclusive place to eat without competition from larger, more aggressive birds looking for sunflower.


*Please note that this feeder only works with straight Niger Seed and Niger mixed with finely chopped sunflower meats or Canary seed. It will not allow any larger size seeds to pass through the feeder holes.

Terrific Tube Feeder™

Terrific Tube and BirdsA great all purpose, versatile feeder for sunflower, sunflower seed mixes, Suet Kibbles, and Suet Pearls. The Terrific Tube Feeder comes with natural grip perch covers that mimic the feel of a real branch and encourage longer feeding times. It is the perfect feeder for beginners and experts alike. You can’t go wrong with this one!