Bountiful Bowl Feeder™

Bountiful-Bowl-with-BirdsWant to feed the birds without worrying about what seed goes in what feeder? Then the Bountiful Bowl feeder is for you! Its compact, adjustable size lets you offer a wide variety of tasty meals for your feathered friends without a lot of work. Just fill this open bowl design with straight seeds, seed blends, Suet Kibbles, Suet Pearls, Dried Mealworms, fruit, nuts, suet cake pieces, or basically any tempting treat you want to put out.

It comes with an adjustable dome cover that can be raised or lowered to prevent larger birds and squirrels from getting to the seeds as well as help protect the food from rain or snow. The Bountiful Bowl Feeder is yet another great starter feeder because it is the easiest Cole’s feeder to fill and hang and it holds virtually any seed or suet product. Get a lot of birds without a lot of thought!