Bird Seed Doesn’t Spoil?

Bird Seed Doesn’t Spoil? Featured Image

Fiction:  Birdseed doesn’t go bad

Fact:  It is important to remember that all birdseed is perishable. Be sure and store any open product in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent the seed from drying out and little critters from finding it.

Cole’s is proud to feature Nitrogen Purged Barrier Packaging to ensure seed freshness and no bugs in every unopened bag. We use the same packaging technology employed by potato chip makers and fresh vegetable farmers to keep their products fresher longer. So you will never open a bag of Cole’s wild bird seed and find dried out seeds or pesky meal moths in it.

In the off chance your birdseed gets an Indian Meal Moth (a.k.a. pantry moth) or two after you open it, it is still okay to use. A few tiny insects will not decrease the attractiveness of the seed to the birds. After all, insects are a natural part of their regular diet.  If you find that these little creatures “bug” you, you can either put your seed in the freezer for 48 hours to kill them, or simply offer it up to your feathered friends in the backyard. They’ll thank you for the easy catch!


  • I think I just figured out why my birds are staying away from a new food I bought that has artificial flavor and dyes. Good grief. Thank you.
    I’m going to order your food on-line from Duncraft.

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