Tubular Feeders

All of Cole’s classic, high quality tubular feeders are made with state-of- the-art materials to prevent warping and discoloration; but the absolute best feature of these fabulous feeders is the amazing Quick Clean TM removable base that makes cleaning your Cole’s feeder oh so fast and easy!

No more taking apart your feeder piece by tedious piece – with a Cole’s tubular feeder you simply push a button and the bottom of the feeder pops off for super easy access to the inside. Clean, dry, pop the bottom back on and you’re done.

Now that’s bird feeding made easy!

Terrific Tube Feeder<sup data-src=

Terrific Tube FeederTM

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Nifty Niger Feeder<sup data-src=

Nifty Niger FeederTM

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Mighty Mesh Feeder<sup data-src=

Mighty Mesh FeederTM

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