Feeders & Accessories

There are many excellent reasons to choose Cole’s feeders. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they are weather-resistant as well. All of Cole’s classic, high quality tubular and specialty feeders are made to last with state-of-the-art materials that prevent warping and discoloration.

Good looks and durability aside, Cole’s tubular feeders are designed to make feeding wild birds easy. Featuring the amazing Quick Clean TM (the TM should be superscripted) removable base, these unique feeders are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you fill one up. Check them out below!

Terrific Tube Feeder<sup>TM</sup>

Terrific Tube FeederTM

A great all purpose, versatile feeder for sunflower, blended seeds, and Suet Kibbles. The Terrific…

Nifty Niger Feeder<sup>TM</sup>

Nifty Niger FeederTM

This unique feeder has one purpose and one purpose only – to provide a specific…

Mighty Mesh Feeder<sup>TM</sup>

Mighty Mesh FeederTM

This powerhouse of a feeder does it all! Specifically designed for fun-loving clinging birds it…

Hummer High Rise Feeder<sup>TM</sup>

Hummer High Rise FeederTM

Give your hummingbirds a coveted penthouse view with scientifically designed elevated perches for more comfortable,…

Bountiful Bowl Feeder<sup>TM</sup>

Bountiful Bowl FeederTM

Want to feed the birds without worrying about what seed goes in what feeder? Then…

Tough Bird Feeder Guard<sup>Ⓡ</sup>

Tough Bird Feeder Guard

Finally, it’s so easy to stop the squirrels! No bulky cans or ugly pan baffles…