Feeders & Accessories

There are many excellent reasons to choose Cole’s feeders. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they are weather-resistant as well. All of Cole’s classic, high quality tubular and specialty feeders are made to last with state-of-the-art materials that prevent warping and discoloration.

Good looks and durability aside, Cole’s tubular feeders are designed to make feeding wild birds easy. Featuring the amazing Quick Clean™ removable base, these unique feeders are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you fill one up. Check them out below!

Terrific Tube Feeder<sup data-src=

Terrific Tube FeederTM

A great all purpose, versatile feeder for sunflower, blended seeds, and Suet Kibbles™. The Terrific…

Nifty Niger Feeder<sup data-src=

Nifty Niger FeederTM

This unique feeder has one purpose and one purpose only – to provide a specific…

Mighty Mesh Feeder<sup data-src=

Mighty Mesh FeederTM

This powerhouse of a feeder does it all! Specifically designed for fun-loving clinging birds it…

Hummer High Rise Feeder<sup data-src=

Hummer High Rise FeederTM

Give your hummingbirds a coveted penthouse view with scientifically designed elevated perches for more comfortable,…

Bountiful Bowl Feeder<sup data-src=

Bountiful Bowl FeederTM

Want to feed the birds without worrying about what seed goes in what feeder? Then…

Tough Bird Feeder Guard<sup data-src=

Tough Bird Feeder Guard

Finally, it’s so easy to stop the squirrels! No bulky cans or ugly pan baffles…