Suet & Specialty

A great way to attract a variety of bird species to your backyard is to offer a variety of foods. Since not all wild birds favor seed, serving up suet and mealworms ensures the attention of beautiful non-seeding eating birds as well.

Seed-eater or not, all your backyard buddies benefit from the essential calories and burst of energy these unique products provide!

Blue Ribbon Blend<sup>TM</sup> Suet Cake

Blue Ribbon BlendTM Suet Cake

A “Better” all-purpose soft suet that attracts the largest variety of songbirds. Full of much…

Hot Meats<sup>TM</sup> Suet Cake

Hot MeatsTM Suet Cake

Chili pepper suet mixed with Sunflower Meats! Our famous best-selling seed presented in a no…

Natural Peanut Suet Cake

Natural Peanut Suet Cake

This special no-melt formula wins taste tests hands down. With the peanut butter base that…

Special Feeder<sup>TM</sup> Suet Cake

Special FeederTM Suet Cake

Chock full of pecans and peanuts, it’s a shoe-in to be your woodpecker’s favorite suet.…

Suet Kibbles<sup>TM</sup>

Suet KibblesTM

These high potency kibbles are bursting with berry flavor and loaded with energy for increased…

Dried Mealworms

Dried Mealworms

Easier to feed and less messy than live mealworms, these energy packed morsels are Mother…