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This is the BEST

This is the BEST. I finally won the battle with the help of Coles Super hot seed. I bought several squirrel proof (supposedly) bird feeders. The squirrels would constantly dump all the seed or destroy the feeder. I found this at my local garden center. WOW. The squirrels hate it. They wont touch it. The first squirrel turn and ran. The birds love the seed. Finally, peace and quiet have come again to my backyard. LOVE YOU COLES

Michael Castleman
Langhorne, PA

I wanted to let you know how very much I am enjoying my ColesWildBird Flaming Squirrel Sauce my Sister-In-Law bought and gave to me. It has stopped those hateful squirrels from visiting my feeder and my birds are loving the fact they are gone and do not bother them when they are trying to eat. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

Helen Prickett
Loganville, GA

Finally, was able to stop squirrels from jumping on our two bird feeder with Coles bird guard unit. its the best.

Richard Pelletier
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

For the past 15  years I have been fighting an expensive and losing battle with squirrels.  They have outmaneuvered all my expensive bird feeders.  One of the salesmen at my hardware store recommended Cole’s Hot Meats.  Having tried pepper before, I was not hopeful but finally tried it a week ago.  Since then the squirrels have avoided the feeder as well as the food dropped under it; the birds are loving it and I’m unable to count all the warblers, gold finches, chickadees, titmice, etc. who are frequenting the feeder.  I have recommended it to my friends on FB- you should be having an increase in business!!

Joan McAllister
Raleigh, NC

I recently got into the joys of birdfeeding about 3 months ago. Since them I acquired some squirrel problems as well. I was told by my local bird store (Wild Birds Unlimited) that Coles Hot Meats bird seed would keep them out of my tube feeders! I have been using this stuff for months now and let me tell you something people, it works! That bird seed is the best…yes you may say its a little pricy but its actually cheaper than buying the possibly less expensive birdfeed, especially if you have squirrel problems, because we all know how fast squirrels can run thru your bird food, even tube feeders! The squirrels dont even touch the feeders now. No scratching on them or chewing off the little plastic perch covers that go on them anymore! Thanks Coles you guys are great! Im going to try the hot suet cakes here pretty soon for the winter as well!

Jeremy Bock
Cary, NC

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce. It has saved me a ton of money on seed and made my 9 backyard feeders squirrel and raccoon free. I just pour a little on my Sunflower seed and mix it up. I have also put a little on my non hot meat suet and it discourages my four legged backyard guest from eating the suet. I have been putting a little on a cloth and putting it around the opening of my hummingbird feeders, as the squirrels like to drink the nectar mix I have in the feeders. It has helped. Keep up the good work and offer your product in a bigger container for us heavy duty bird feeders.

Charlie Johnson
Sapulpa, OK

After an infestation of flying squirrels in my attic I stopped bird feeding because I no longer wanted to attract them to my yard. Then I heard of your “hot” products. I just purchased several of these and look forward to feeding and enjoying the birds again!

Alberta Geyer
Merrimack, NH

After losing an entire bird feeder full of seed to the squirrels, I bought a bag of the Blazing Hot Blend and accompanying suet. Within a few days, I saw every bird you said I would: bluebirds, titmice, cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees and some others I cannot identify. The squirrels are slowly learning their lesson. One taste and they leave. I read it may take time for all the squirrels to go away. In the meantime, my backyard has turned into a bird sanctuary!

Tim D.
Alpharetta, GA

We just moved into our new house in January and put out our bird feeder and the squirrels were eating the seed, what was not being kicked out by the birds, what a waste. I bought some Cole’s Hot seed and now I have no squirrels eating the seed and the birds are having a great time and also no waste! What a great product!

Nancy Tallent
Dalton, GA

I tried the Cole’s hot bird seed and was amazed. The birds loved it, I bought several kinds. I thought the seed would last all winter. I bought 6 bags and have already gone through 3 of them. The best thing NO SQUIRRELS. Now I can sit and enjoy my morning coffee watching the birds feed. Thanks for a great product.

Crossville, TN

It is so true that the Bluebirds love the Hot Meats! We put it in our dome feeder right by our kitchen window. The squirrel’s hate it so all of the true sunflower feeding birds come! Thanks for such a great product! It is worth every penny!

Nancy Hull
Greensboro, NC

I love Cole’s Hot Meats, Blazing Blend and White Millet. I get more of a variety of birds by using their brand, and I like it because it keeps the squirrels away. It is worth the money because you don’t have to use as much because the squirrels are not eating it. I also like purchasing the Cole’s brand because it is manufactured in my hometown and it’s made in the USA. Thanks you Cole’s for such quality work.

Donna Stuart
Dallas, GA

My backyard bluebirds bring their babies to my Hot Meats feeders. The little, spotty, uncertain babies hold tight to the shepherd’s crook above the feeder, while the parent, generally Dad hops down, gathers seed, and feeds the young fledglings. The parents and babies will do this for 2-3 days, then the parents will hop down on the feeder and wait for the babies to learn to jump down and feed themselves. It is my favorite bird watching activity!

Margaret Watkins
Tucker, GA

We have been purchasing Cole’s bird seed mixes for a goodly number of years. We started a few years ago using only the Special Feeder mix. We had been told that larger woodpeckers would not come to small feeders and that bluebirds would not come either. Wrong on both counts. We have such a riot of color some days it is truly amazing and we use smaller feeders which hang off our deck rail as well as larger ones in the yard. When the feeders run out, the bird sit out there singing away for their supper – in other words – fill the feeders please. We have been happy with Cole’s and will pay the premium price because the product is simply the best. With Special Feeder mix we have very little mess on the ground and our birds are happy. Way to go Cole’s!

arriette Majoros
Marietta, GA

I love Cole’s Bird Seed! I decided that I would try the “Blue Ribbon Blend” to satisfy my titmice and chickadees. Come to find out, not only did my titmice and chickadees love it, but also my red-bellied woodpecker who only comes to my feeder when it is filled with this seed! Thank you, Cole’s, from me and my birdy friends!

Fuquay-Varina, NC

I had a problem with squirrels eating from my bird feeders. I purchased a bottle of this (Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce) and boy does it work! Warning: Wear gloves when using or your skin will feel like it is on fire.

Atlanta, GA

Many thanks Cole’s, I used to think that all Squirrels were just God’s creatures, but I have recently really developed a “hatred” for Squirrels (all kinds, colors, shapes and sizes)… my brother-in-law says that, “a squirrel is nothing but a rat with a bushy tail that can climb a tree”… I don’t think I would go that far, but they sure make a mess of my bird feeder and keep wild birds away … Now that I have started using Cole’s Safflower seed as bird food, the Squirrels (all of them) stay away and all of the wild birds that I WANT to feed come to my buffet (my bird feeder filled with Safflower seed) and just feed away!!! Thanks again Cole’s for solving the Squirrel problem for me.

John Kone
Marietta, GA

I just bought my first bag of your seed at Whole Foods. I purchased the Hot Meats. I just put it in one of my feeders and it is now covered with birds. I have two other feeders and they obviously prefer the Hot Meats. I am enjoying watching them. As soon as another feeder empties I will try a bag of your Nutberry Suet Blend. I’m sure I’ll have the same result. Thank you

Bryn Mawr, PA

We bought two bags of Cole’s Hot Meats and we are quite pleased. Living in a wooded area, the squirrels have been “hogging” our bird feeders and keeping the birds away. Today, we filled the feeders with Hot Meats and watched the squirrels begin to shy away. Now we have the pleasure of feeding the birds.

Travis Tindal
Lake Martin near Alexander City, AL

I know what the ingredients are listed on the bag, what I want to know is; what is the secret stuff, you know the thing that makes them fight each other to get some. I have Mourning Doves that line up six deep to get their share, and the Woodpeckers have gone nuts!

Joe Tays
Buford, GA

The chickadees, brown-headed & white-breasted nuthatches, red-bellied woodpeckers, cardinals, doves, carolina wrens all enjoy it immensely, and it is comforting to be able to stand at that back window and watch the show. Thanks for the great product!

Decatur, GA

It took a year for the squirrels to discover our bird feeder. They would climb on the roof lean over and completely dominate the feeder. About a month later, we stumbled across a Cole’s flier. After we placed the “hot meats” in place…here came the squirrels. The first one scared off the birds on the feeder, climbed on to the roof, leaned over and mouthed the seeds, and promptly fell to the ground. Ta-dum…..no more squirrels for the past 3 years! Hoorah for “hot meats.”

White Hall, AK

We have a horrible problem with squirrels. The Cajun Cardinal blend keeps them away, yet keeps a constant flow of Blue Jays, Cardinals, Red-breasted woodpeckers, titmice, wrens, and other interesting birds at our feeder. The extra cost is definitely worth it for the great show we get. Go Cole’s!

Carl Springer
Alpharetta, GA

I am looking forward to using your products. My neighbor is getting all the attention from beautiful birds and I get none.

Pat Shorter
Marlton, NJ

I tried Cole’s bird seed for the first time in my bird feeder last year. When I ran out, I bought another brand at a large retailer. Not only did the birds I had seen eating the Cole’s not eat the other brand, the other one actually molded in the bird feeder! I dumped the whole bag in the woods and immediately bought more Cole’s. Now I can sit in my kitchen and watch all the beautiful birds again. If only I didn’t have to refill the feeder every three days  Thanks for such a great product.

Kelly McClellan

I could not believe the bird response I received with your product. . .


I buy Critter Munchies and I love the drawing on the bag…it calls attention to their needs!

Barbara Metzler

Thank You Cole’s! Over the past several years I’ve had many problems with squirrels and black birds that would come into my yard and just create havoc. Thanks to your Safflower seed my problem has gone away and I now have the type of birds I prefer to have in my back yard. Thank You!

Brian Duckworth
Duluth, GA

We had a few weeks of tranquil and very successful bird feeding. A pair of cardinals moved in. Then we were over run, inundated by squirrels! They literally demolished our feeders! We turned to the hot feeds and we are back to successful and tranquil bird feeding again! Not a squirrel in sight!

Tampa, FL

I have multiple feeding stations and attract a variety of birds. On my deck I had a squirrel proof tube feeder that I filled with sunflower kernels to avoid the mess of shells. I was over run with gold finches. I know most people would be thrilled to attract so many beautiful yellow birds, but I wanted to see more variety. I tried your Special Feeder Blend. It was like a magnet to the red-bellied woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, white-breasted nuthatches, brown-headed nuthatches,carolina wrens,cardinals, carolina chickadees, and titmice, as well as the gold and purple finches. Thank you for a blend to bring the variety back to my deck!

Vickie Fuquay
Danville, VA

Half of the fun of selling your Hot Meats are the stories of the squirrels rolling in the sand and trying to spit the pepper out. We tell our customers that there is a lot of sweet revenge in feeding Cole’s Bird Feed.

Sandhills Feed Supply Company
Southern Pines, NC 28388

I have just now discovered your wonderful product at a local plant nursery. The birds LOVE IT! I have seen a wider variety of birds at my feeders this year than I can remember and I only purchased the oil sunflower as I wanted to use up what I had bought at a large home improvement retailer. I just finished the last of the seed, so off to Lindleys in the am to get a variety of different flavors they offer for sale. Great product.

Edgewater, FL

The squirrels have had their way with me for 10 years of trying to outsmart them. If I put chili peppers on safflower seed they just learned to like it and shouted Ole! Cole’s Hot Meats was a last ditch effort and by gum, those squirrels have left it alone and the birds are loving exclusive rights! Thank You!

Lucy Ann Grant
Durham, NC

I just tried your BLAZING HOT BIRD SEED ! The birds in my back yard love it but the squirrels don’t eat it ! You have solved my squirrel problem !!!! I was going to try and trap and relocate the squirrels but now I can enjoy the squirrels and their antics in my back yard.

Richard King
Rome, GA

I found your dried mealworms at Dewayne’s in Smithfield and they were the greatest things. The bluebirds love them and they are so much easier than live ones.

Clayton, NC

Best prices around! Cole’s is second to none!

Scottsdale, AZ

I have never had much luck attracting birds to my yard until I started making my own blend with Cole’s. Now, I have no waste, a steady flow of beautiful regulars, plus some nifty visitors like a rose-breasted grosbeak today! Thanks Cole’s!

Denise Smith
Kennesaw, GA

Thanks for such a wonderful product that produces no waste. My yard is a symphony for the entire neighborhood as it attracts many birds we would not normally see or hear!

Stone Mountain, GA

My wife and I recently got a bird feeder and a bag of your Blue Ribbon Blend seed. We soon enjoyed a large number and variety of birds in our backyard. When that bag ran out, I unfortunately tried to save some money and bought some seed from one of the grass seed companies. We soon saw a large drop in number and variety of our feathered friends. We went and got another bag of Blue Ribbon today!!!

Chris Fielding
Dallas, GA

Until recently we had been using regular store bought bird seed in our feeder and very few birds were feeding there. A few days after we put Cole’s Blue Ribbon Blend in the feeder there were so many birds we needed an air traffic controller!

Dianne and Art Damiano
Marietta, GA