The Cole’s Difference

Seed Quality

Cole’s line of top quality wild bird feed contains only those seeds that birds actually eat. Each type of seed is specifically selected for its appeal to specific groups of birds. No cheap filler seeds like Milo, Wheat, Red Millet, Flax, or old crop leftovers are ever used. In addition, we only pull from the top 1-2% of each crop and clean everything a minimum of 4 times to ensure you get good quality seed – not sticks and dirt.
Even better, we keep our seeds as close to a natural state as we can. Unlike other brands, we do not wash our feed or coat it with chemicals and mineral oil to make it look better. So, you get what you paid for, a better wild bird feed.

How Does Cole’s Really Compare?

For other companies, wild bird feed is just a sideline business. It’s either and offshoot of their pet food line or a seasonal replacement for when their grass seed sales slow down. Their mixes are full of cheap filler seeds, crop leftovers, and the lowest quality oil sunflower they can find. With their seed you lose two ways: you pay for seed that the birds don’t even eat, and more important, you miss the increased number and variety of wild birds you could be attracting with a better wild bird feed.

At Cole’s, feeding and attracting wild birds is the sole focus of everything we do. We developed the most complete line of wild bird feed based on factual research about what birds really eat. Plus, our feeds represent the highest quality in content and freshness you can get.

We believe birds are like people, give them what they like to eat and they’ll come back and bring their friends. If you put out wild bird feed to attract and help wild birds, then it makes sense to use the feed that does this best.


Cole’s uses a unique packing system that allows us to pack and distribute our wonderful products without adding pesticides or chemicals. We call it Harvest Fresh LockTM and it is a system usually reserved for human food. Even though it costs more to do it this way, Cole’s believes it is the best, safest, and most natural way to provide for our feathered friends.

Not only is it better for the birds, it’s better for the seeds too. With Harvest Fresh LockTM, our seeds don’t lose nutritional content or dry out and spoil like other brands. Without this special technology, seeds are exposed to oxygen causing immediate degradation, but Cole’s products stay as fresh as the day they were packed. Guaranteed!

Bottom Line

Lots of companies say their “just like Cole’s, but cheaper” and we’re flattered by the knock-offs, obviously they know a good thing when they see it, but the truth is “cheaper” means just that – cheap, low-quality seeds put together cheaply for maximum corporate profit. All those other birdseed companies try to copy the look, but they can’t copy the quality!