A Few Myths About Birds and Their Romantic Lives

A Few Myths About Birds and Their Romantic Lives Featured Image

Birds are monogamous and mate for life.
Many of us have heard that birds mate for life. While some wild birds like the Bald eagle are monogamous for life, other species of birds are known to cheat on their mates and to “divorce” quite often. According to the National Wildlife Federation, most birds find a new mate every few months. Birds seek out new partners for any number of reasons, not the least of which are another bird’s perceived fertility, virility, or ability to provide a steadier food source and better housing.

Birds always raise the young together.
Though in many species of birds, the father plays a big role in the rearing of the young, he isn’t around in some bird households. For instance, the female hummingbird does it all by herself. Did you know humans aren’t the only ones who need help rearing our young? Blue jays and crows recruit nannies. The nannies are usually older siblings, offspring just old enough to help protect and feed the young.

Birds sing because they are happy.
The male bird sings not to show how happy he is, but to show the female what a great range he has. Females tend to prefer males who sing often or have more complex songs. Males also sing as a way to warn other males to stay away. Their songs are designed to please the female and show her the qualities that will make her want to mate with them.

Males will do just about anything to attract a mate.
This one is actually true. If you want to see some of the crazy ways the male birds attract their mates, click on this BBC video.

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