Bountiful Bowl

Assembly Instructions for the Bountiful Bowl: Thread the hanging rod down through the brass bushing located in the center of the dome. Slide the rod stop up onto the hanging rod. Tighten into place. Adjust the rod stop so the distance between the base of the dome and the top of the bowl is between 3” to 4”. This is an average setting. Increase the space if you want to attract larger birds. Seed Options: Just fill this open bowl design with straight seeds, seed blends, Suet Kibbles, Dried Mealworms, fruit, nuts, suet cake pieces, or basically any tempting treat you want to put out. Lifetime Warranty: The Cole’s lifetime guarantee covers the function of the feeder against defect or damage. If at any time this product breaks or will no longer function, we will repair or replace the feeder (at our option) with no cost to you. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, weathering, neglect, abuse, or misuse of the feeder. Contact us