How Creative Is This?

How Creative Is This? Featured Image

Cole’s is asking you to get creative and show us how you can find new and innovative ways to use bird seed. This is one of our entries. We wanted to share this with others and offer some inspiration!
Brandy Horvath of Richmond, Virginia sent in this entry. Below are her instructions on how to create Tweet Treats.
I mixed up the bird seed with some corn syrup and gelatin, enough to make it gooey….
Then I used all natural, high quality food colorings to get the colors that I wanted. To make the egg shape, I used large plastic Easter eggs.
I punched a hole in the top of each plastic Easter egg.
I tied together natural cord material to make the loops for the eggs to hang on.
I threaded the loop through the hole with the knot left inside the plastic egg part.
I then packed the seed around the knot, and filled up the rest of the egg (this ensures that the knot is in the middle of the egg and the hanging loop should last throughout the duration of the treat.
THEN…..I closed up the plastic eggs around the seed and baked the treets at 150 degrees for an hour or so, and then let them set out for about 48 hours to dry completely!
Hang outdoors and enjoy the show!
Thanks again to Brandy for submitting this to the Cole’s Creativity Contest.