Keeping Your Yard Bird-Friendly: No Kittys Allowed

Keeping Your Yard Bird-Friendly: No Kittys Allowed Featured Image

Cats are one of the most dangerous predators for birds. House cats that roam outside will naturally hunt birds even if they aren’t hungry at all. In fact, millions of birds are killed by cats each year. It’s healthier for the birds and the cats to keep the cat inside. In fact, according to the American Humane Society, cats that roam have a life expectancy of three years versus cats that remain inside usually live to about 15 years.

If you have neighbors who let their cats roam, you may want to consider having your feeders near trees so that birds can make a quick escape. You might also consider motion-activated sprinklers at entrance points, cat-proof fencing, and perhaps a thorny plant under your feeder. If you have cats and you do let them outside with the bird feeders, you can purchase collars with bells and that way at least the birds have a warning.