October’s Bird of the Month: The Red-headed Woodpecker

October’s Bird of the Month: The Red-headed Woodpecker Featured Image

You can’t miss them on your feeder. The strikingly beautiful Red-headed Woodpecker, which leaves for its winter habitat by late October, is the Cole’s Bird of the Month.

Adults are easy to spot because of their coloring – a bright red head and neck contrasting sharply with the black and white on their backs. Unlike many other bird species, the adult male and female both have vivid colors. Red-headed Woodpeckers are also known for their drumming, which helps them claim territory.

Red-headed Woodpeckers enjoy a diet of plants and insects. They catch bugs both on the ground and in-flight. They also forage for seeds, nuts, fruits and berries. Occasionally, they’ll even eat the eggs of other birds.

If you want to attract these beautiful birds to your backyard feeders, we have a few suggestions. Cole’s Special Feeder™, which contains a lot of pecans as well as raw peanuts, is a favorite of Red-headed Woodpeckers. Click the link below to find out more about Special Feeder™ and other Cole’s seed products.

Because the Red-headed Woodpecker craves protein and fat, they are naturally drawn to suet in all shapes and varieties. One of the best forms of suet for attracting the Red-headed Woodpecker is Suet Nuts™ which is nutritious peanuts covered with delicious berry flavored suet. Another great suet product for woodpeckers is the Special Feeder™ Suet Cake. Just like the Special Feeder™ bird seed blend, it contains loads of pecans and peanuts.  Below is a link to Cole’s suet products.

The Red-headed Woodpecker, which is found in the eastern United States as well as in Canada, has a unique claim to fame. It adorned a two-cent U. S. postage stamp issued in 1996.