Tired of battling squirrels at your bird feeder?

It can be so disheartening to buy top quality wild bird feed, fill up your feeders, and then watch helplessly as the squirrels devour all the food without one bird even getting a chance to sit on a perch. It’s an age old problem and one that Cole’s began addressing years ago.  Because they love to feed the birds just like you, the Cole family began searching for an answer to the squirrel problem and came up with a winning solution known as Hot Meats™. This unique combination of whole kernel sunflower meats and super hot habanero chili peppers will knock the socks off those little varmints eating up all your bird seed.  While chili pepper does not bother the birds – in fact they do not even taste heat like mammals – it sure does affect the squirrels.

Hot Meats™ is a favorite among Cole’s customers. It gives the birds an easy, tasty, and nutritious snack and keeps the squirrels off the feeder to boot.  Since the chili peppers only taste hot to the squirrels and do not actually cause any physical harm whatsoever, it is a very safe and humane way to make your bird feeder exclusively for the birds. If you’ve been frustrated with squirrels eating your wild bird feed, give Hot Meats™ a try.