Nature’s Garden™ Hummingbird Nectar

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 by Karen
Best Nectar Anywhere

I love this product and especially all the hummers!! It’s like a feeding and playing environment at my house! Love to watch. I live in Northern New Jersey and never had this. Wish I could keep a steady stock of this because it is the best!!

 by Katy brazis
Hummers love this juice!!! I love hummers!

I live high up in the Sandia mountains with the deer and bear and my chocolate lab. Every summer I put out 6 glass bottles of my sugar water. This year I needed a simple idea so I bought 3 Cole's hummingbird feeders and a jug of hummer nectar. I also put out my own glass feeders just to do an experiment of which they liked better. No contest...about 16 hummers circled, dove, danced like jets and all rested on the Cole's feeders and drank up all the nectar. They showed me what they needed. I want happy hummers who will hang out with me all summer and remember me when they come back next year. These Cole's feeders are easy...they have a well in the center to keep ants and other annoying flying things out...a great invention. I'm trying to find a store that has them in quantity so I can put them on every pine tree in my yard.
Please give this feeder and nectar a will bring you joy to watch the hummingbirds dance!
Stay at peace...your nurse in the mountains!

 by Warren
Hummingbird Nectar

This is a great product and easy to use. The hummingbirds love it.

 by Douglas Everett
Tainted with chemicals

But it has preservatives

Sorry, but you must have us confused with another brand or product. There are absolutely positively no preservatives or added chemicals in Nature's Garden Nectar. It is a point of pride for us, so we even made sure to clearly state on the package in big bold type - No Preservatives, No Dyes. If you have questions or would like to discuss, please give us a call at (877) 426-8882.

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Type: Hummingbird Nectar

Cole’s has done the impossible! They created the next best thing to actual nectar. When feeding naturally, hummingbirds prefer certain flower flavors over others. Cole’s used that knowledge to come up with a better nectar – not based on price, but based on factual research about how hummers actually feed in the wild.

Not all brands of nectar are the same and hummers can taste the difference. Read the label, almost all commercial nectars contain only ONE single sugar source – sucrose – because it’s cheaper to make that way. But that’s not what real flower nectar is made of! Real flower nectar contains 3 sugar sources – sucrose, fructose, and glucose – in varying amounts depending on the flower.

In search of a more natural and realistic nectar, Cole’s researched 3-sugar recipes of all the flowers that North American hummingbirds visited the most. Then they blended them into one highly delicious and nutritious food source designed to attract the greatest variety of hummingbirds.

Nature’s Garden™ is a high energy, nutrient-rich nectar that combines all 3 types of sugars (organically sourced) with a spring water base. It closely mimics the sugar ratios favored by hummers in the wild and provides a healthier, all-natural alternative to table sugar.
It’s simply pure, simply perfect and naturally sweet just the way nature intended!

• Contains the same plant-based sugars found naturally in the hummers’ favorite and most preferred wildflowers.

• Unlike most other brands, absolutely no cheap, man-made versions of any sugar are ever used in our nectar.

• Combines all 3 of the hummers’ favorite sugars – sucrose, fructose, glucose – in the ratios that hummers crave and need to stay healthy.

• More nutritious and tastier than regular table sugar mixed with water.

• No preservatives, No artificial flavors or colors.

• No mixing or boiling needed – Just shake and pour.

• Guaranteed to attract the most hummers to your feeder!

• 48oz easy pour pouch


Hummingbird Nectar Do’s and Don’ts

Never add the following ingredients to your nectar:

Red food coloring – While hummers are attracted to the color red, adding red dye to their food is unnecessary and, depending on the chemical makeup of the dye, potentially harmful to their health. Most hummingbird feeders are already predominantly red so as to entice hummers to visit. If you think yours is not red enough, simply add a red ribbon to the hanger or place your feeder near a colorful flower bed.

Artificial sweeteners – Hummers do not need to watch their sugar intake, so never use any sweetener other than regular sugar when making nectar.

Honey or Molasses – When mixed with water, honey and molasses create a great breeding ground for potentially fatal bacteria and mold to grow.

Chili Oil or Powder – While not harmful to hummers if ingested, Chilies are not part of the normal hummingbird diet and therefore should be avoided. Hummers are strictly sweet nectar and insect-eating creatures – anything else might even cause them to quit using your feeder.

Now that the feeder is clean and filled with proper nectar, how do you keep the bees, ants and raccoons from helping themselves?

How to make sure your feeder only serves hummingbirds:

Bees – The Cole’s feeder does not drip so large bees can’t get to the sweet stuff. Some very small flying insects will squeeze their way inside but will not hinder feeding by the birds.

Ants – The Cole’s Hummer High Rise feeder has a built-in ant moat. Keep it filled with plain water and the ants will not be able to reach the nectar. Never put anything other than plain water into any ant moat device. Water alone will stop the ants. Many other birds will stop and take a drink from the liquid in the moat, so poisons and repellents are a big No! Some people put cooking oil in moats which may not be harmful, but when rain or shaking spills the oil it definitely creates a big mess to clean up.

Raccoons – These crafty critters present a unique problem. They are everywhere, they are great climbers and they love sweets. You basically only have three ways to go. You can bring the feeders inside each night, a lot of trouble but most effective. Another method is to mount a hanger under a porch roof or off of a wall where it is away from post and railings the raccoons might climb. Finally, if you prefer to leave your feeder hanging in the yard, use a tall shepherd pole equipped with a Tough Bird Feeder Guard or a good raccoon baffle. Never add ANY Chili oil or powder to your hummingbird nectar!

Hopefully these suggestions will ensure a fun-filled feeding experience and keep the birds safe and healthy!