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Helping Birds in Summer

Want to make things a little easier for your feathered friends during these long, hot and humid days of summer?  Consider these quick and easy things you can do to ease their stress while at the same time giving you the pleasure of seeing a wide variety of birds at your feeders.

A Bird Bath 

Consider offering a bird bath filled with clean, fresh water so that your back yard birds have a place to drink and to bathe. Ideally, your bird bath should be 1 to 2 inches deep so that birds can get in and out easily and quickly. The sound of moving water is a great attraction for songbirds, so adding a fountain mister or a Water Wiggler to create action sounds and movement will not only draw in the birds, but it will also help to prevent mosquito larvae from hatching in the bird bath. Keep in mind, during the summer, the water will evaporate quickly. So, you may need to check your bird bath more often.

A Variety of Food 

Give birds a variety of foods at the feeder. Birds expend a lot of energy in the summer raising their young. Frequent food trips back and forth from the nest, teaching the baby birds to fly, and moving the young to keep them from predators requires a lot of extra work. Birds need good, nutritious food for themselves and for the babies. Giving birds a variety of seeds, suet, nuts, and fruits helps to ensure they have plenty to eat as well as a diverse source of good nutrition. You don’t have to worry that they’ll rely too heavily on easy meals – feeder food accounts for only about 25% of a wild bird’s diet.

Plenty of Shade

Three, offer shaded areas near your feeders. Keep in mind, while birds are adept at regulating their body temperature, shade is a welcome break. Landscaping that provides shade as well as food is always a good idea. You may want to consider plants that provide natural food sources as well as plenty of shelter and shade.

Another good way to offer shade is through positioning your feeders so that during the midday sun, the feeders offer some shaded areas. Also, your bird bath or bird houses can be positioned to offer shade during the hottest times of the day.

It is true that birds enjoy a great variety of natural food sources in the summer. Worms, fruits, nuts and insects give them lots of choices. Nonetheless, summer is a demanding time for our feathered friends. By providing fresh water, lots of different types of food, and a few shaded places, you’ll be guaranteed a front row seat for watching and enjoying the birds and their young at your feeders during the long lazy days of summer.

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