Yellow throated Warbler

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It’s among nature’s cutest creatures. The Yellow-throated Warbler has bright colors and a beautiful voice. That’s why so many birders love them. If you’re lucky enough to see and hear these elusive little birds, you can easily distinguish the adult males from other warblers.

The male Yellow-throated Warbler has a bright yellow throat and upper chest.  His face has a bold, black mask that stands out against the yellow on his throat and the white stripe above his eye. The black and white striping on his feathers contrasts nicely against his gray back. He’s quite the sharp dressed man and appears to know it announcing his presence loudly by singing as he goes. The females and juvenile males look similar but aren’t quite as bright.

Yellow-throated Warblers are faithful to one love interest. They spend most of the spring and summer in the southeastern United States nesting in the tops of hardwoods. You can spot them searching for insects and spiders as they pry into crevices along tree branches. Unlike other warblers that move quickly and sporadically while hunting for food, the Yellow-throated Warbler is more confident and cool with slow and deliberate moves as they search the branches, leaves, and ground.

These warblers get all they can from Spanish moss. They use it for foraging as well as for nesting. They typically create a cup-like nest and raise one to two broods a season. The female does almost all the work caring for the young and teaching them to fly.

These active warblers have a distinctive and pleasing song. The males tend to sing high in the trees with a cheerful, high-pitched song. The females have what’s been called a husky call note.

Click on the video below to hear the song of a male Yellow-throated Warbler.

See what makes birders everywhere want to attract these bright little birds when you click on the video below that shows a Yellow-throated Warbler giving himself a bath.

If you’d like to attract Yellow-throated Warblers to your yard, you should know it isn’t easy as they are not attracted to a wide variety of seeds; however a good quality Black Oil Sunflower and high fat suet like Cole’s Suet Kibbles will bring them in close. Cole’s sells the highest quality Oil Sunflower on the market.

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  • We have had these warblers nest on our porch two years in a row now. Behind my big screen TV in a box that contains my outdoor stereo. It’s incredible to watch. I have some great videos from last year.

  • I have a video of a warbler eating at the suet cake, but I’m not sure how to post it, if I figure it out I’ll put it up (My first warbler ever!)

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